Why Celebrity Post-Pregnancy Weight-Loss Stories Suck

Loop 21 Stella Metsovas

So why are readers still attracted to what they know to be untrue? Clinical nutritionist Stella Metsovas suggests it’s because the stories are more appealing than our reality.

“The public finds these stories fascinating because they are the polar opposite of our growing obesity epidemic,” said Metsovas. “It’s the ying and yang working at its best to sell media, and the trend seems to be a race of who looks best after giving birth.”

Celebrities certainly sign up to run that race. Jennifer Hudson slimmed down from a size 16 to a 6 on the Weight Watchers plan – and documented the whole thing via sing-songy sales pitches. And Mariah Carey lost 30 pounds in three months on Jenny Craig – and then danced around in a commercial, baring her midriff for all to see.

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