What’s Your Fooducation IQ?

iPhone AppA new iPhone food scanner called Fooducate can help you make more nutritious food choices when you shop. This mobile app lets you use your iPhone to scan the barcode of over 200,000 items on grocery store shelves, and then provides you with information about the product’s contents. Developed by a team of technologists, nutrition experts, and dietitians, the Fooducate mobile app gives each product a letter grade, telling you just how unhealthy the product really is.

The Fooducate mobile app highlights many of the ingredients manufactures are trying to creatively conceal on confusing nutrition labels. Hidden sodium and sugar, deceptive additives and trans fats are revealed through the information provided from this app.  So you’re probably asking: how is a barcode scanner used?  Simply by scanning your iPhone over the product’s barcode.  The iPhone barcode scanner app recommends healthier alternatives based on the item you’ve scanned, letting you compare products while shopping.  Note:  I’ve used the product and have seen discrepancies between  ‘healthier options’ selected by the app.

Food label regulation is big news these days–people want to know where their food is coming from. Food label ingredients is also a hot topic–especially with the success of documentaries like Food INC.

This free application seeks to help you choose healthy, affordable food and tries to influence positive choices when buying food, which ultimately affects the food industry. The Fooducate mobile app can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad and will likely be available on Android devices as well.

Yours in Health,
Stella Metsovas