What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Greek Star Stella Metsovas Have you heard of the recent study regarding the Mediterranean diet as being the best in the world?  To summarize the study, three groups of people were divided into A) the general Mediterranean diet B) same as the control group A, but supplemented with more nuts and C) the standard American, low-fat, high carbohydrate diet that is widely accepted by the American Heart Association.

What they found was group A and B did very well in terms of cardiovascular health, and group C had dreadful results that predisposed them to cardiovascular diseases.  The positive correlations in the study revolved around the actual fat consumed, and more specifically, from plant-based sources like olive oil and nuts. The study concluded that limiting saturated fat by replacing the diet with sources coming from olive oil and nuts is key to longevity—at least compared to the Westernized diet.  I find this study undervalued because we are overlooking the massivebenefits gained by livingthe Mediterranean diet….