Type 2 Diabetes Health Issues: Taking Control of your Future

Cardiovascular disease has been known to be the leading cause of death in the United States, and has just become the main cause of death in China as well.  A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has concluded that the rates of diabetes in China have reached epidemic proportions. A study conducted by public health researchers at Tulane University estimate that almost 10% of adults over the age of 20 have diabetes–a key risk factor in the development of cardiovascular disease. Of the 10% of those with the disease, 60% go untreated. These increasing rates of diabetes in both the US and China have led to growing concerns about the risks of heart disease and other complications that not only put much of the population in danger of premature death, but also cause a massive economic burden on the rest of society.  Researchers attribute the rise in obesity to the urban lifestyle of inactivity in many advanced countries.


In the US, type II diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and almost 24 million American children and adults are living with the disease. Type II diabetes affects the way your body metabolizes sugar and if untreated the consequences can be life threatening.  Many are unaware that they are at a high risk of developing the disease.  Intervention tactics in the US include getting the word out about early symptoms and practicing healthier behaviors to prevent it. Although there is no cure for the disease there and many ways to manage it and minimize the risks of developing it in the first place.  I write about Type 2 diabetes health issues that arise from this potentially deadly disease.

A few steps to help prevent your risk of developing Type II Diabetes:

  • We should all know by now that healthy weight-management is key to the prevention of Type II diabetes.  The more lean muscle tissue you have—the better!  Get your tush in the gym and start lifting weights 1 – 3 x’s per week.  *Check with your primary care Physician before starting.
  • 45 minutes a day in the gym isn’t going to be the cure-all fix if your lifestyle is sedentary.  Try not sitting for longer than 20 – 30 minutes…Get up and move around!  Circulation is key to good health.
  • Omit most alcohol from your monthly intake.  Yes, I said monthly!  Alcohol is considered a source of empty calories, so why would you want to set yourself up for failure?
  • Wine Lovers:  Still want to get Resveratrol into your diet?  Consider using a product like Life Extensions Optimized Resveratrol. Then you can skim on the extra 120 calories—plus, that comes in one glass of wine (of course that depends on who’s pouring)
  • Eat your fiber!  Don’t just take the easy way out by supplementing.  Studies have found that consuming over 5 servings of vegetables (not bagged salad folks), can positively impact consistency in blood sugar throughout the day.  Leading veggies include: Broccoli, Kale, Mustard Greens and Cabbage
  • Consume your Omega 3’s via fish and enriched Omega 3 eggs.  Studies have linked higher blood values of Omega 3’s and lower Omega 6 to anti-inflammation.  Type II Diabetes is considered a pro-inflammatory condition.

One of my primary focuses as a Clinical Nutritionist focuses in on preventative measures through dietary interventions. The recommendations listed above are only a few…I could go on and on!

I highly recommend consulting with a licensed clinician (ND, CCN) or your primary care physician about diabetes prevention and warning signs of the disease.

In Health,

Stella Metsovas B.S., CCN