Top 10 Gut Cleansing Foods

I believe the gut holds many keys to unlocking our destiny.  From the recent article published in Men’s Health featuring  my Bacteria Diet, the Digestive Health Detox, to radio interviews and cooking segments—the gut is where I’m putting all my focus in research.  The super-bugs and pathogenic gut bacteria that plague us today are concerning; how do we protect the delicate balance in our digestive tract from modern diet and lifestyle factors (i.e., pollution, processed foods, overuse of medications, etcetera)?

Authoring a book has been one of the most difficult accomplishments in my life—even more exhausting than 6-hour days in the pool.  In the past, I’ve been approached  to package up a Skinny Bitch-style book and humbly declined (bravo to those ladies, it’s not for me though).  My goal for this book was to have it read well by following the writing style of the great, Gary Taubes.   Most aspects of the book will focus on how to best absorb and assimilate nutrients found naturally in our food, to adopting a Paleo-Mediterranean diet as your core dietary template, selecting certain foods to consume on a daily & weekly basis for detoxification, key supplements for digestive health, rotation methods in detoxifying the gut, testing, and more.  The book will interact with you live ‘in demand’, and by social interactions through media and apps.

The Top 10 Gut-Cleansing Foods is a subchapter within the book consisting of more than 100+ recommendations of what exactly you should consume for optimal digestive health.  Key topics will address the crucial functioning of your intestines by using specific foods for intestinal cleansing, along with the worst offending foods to stay clear from. I’m very excited to showcase years of research through case studies and the future promise of what’s to come inside our gut microbiome.

Gut Cleansing Foods1) Lemons

2) Chia or Flax Seeds

3) Coconut Oil    

4) Pumpkin Seeds

5) Garlic

6) Sauerkraut or Kimchi (produced old-world style)

7) Kale

8) Sea Vegetables

9) Fish (from clean waters, preferably smaller, like sardines)

10) Homemade broth