The Next Step in Nutrition with the Nutrition Science Initiative

NuSiWhether it’s from diet books, websites, or magazines, do you ever feel like nutrition advice doesn’t match up? While America is one of the leading countries in science and medicine, the scientific research to clear up the unresolved questions about diet and health simply does not exist.

Until now, most nutrition research has been government funded and influenced by the health industry and policymakers. A new group, called the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), aims, with no hidden agenda, to independently fund research in the field of nutrition.

Some of the best scientists from all corners of the country came together to develop the NuSI, including Peter Attia, M.D., Gary Taubes, and many others. Their main goal is to answer the difficult, controversial, and unsolved questions about diet and health by offering the resources necessary for independent scientists to perform thorough research.

Current Nutrition Research

Something isn’t working about today’s research and advice. Current dietary guidelines are not based on rigorous science. Instead, people are told to, “Eat less and exercise more.” However, rates of obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing in the U.S. The American Diabetes Association reports that over 25.8 million Americans have diabetes and 79 million have prediabetes. More than one third, or 35.7%, of American adults are obese, while 12.5 million children (17%) are obese. Considering that diabetes and obesity are the second leading causes of preventable deaths in America, these numbers are incredibly alarming.

NuSI’s Objectives

The NuSI’s mission statement is as follows: “The Nutrition Science Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the economic and social burden of obesity and obesity-related chronic disease by improving the quality of science nutrition and obesity research.”

One of the NuSI’s Board of Directors, Tim Ferriss, refers to the initiative as the Manhattan Project to end fad diets.” He explains that the scientists behind the project span the dietary spectrum, with different beliefs and adherences to everything from low-carb, high protein diets to veganism. However, they all share the desire to leave their biases behind to find solid, empirical data.

Tim Ferriss, along with other nutrition and health professionals, agree that it’s well past due that a group of dedicated individuals aims to dive into nutrition research with rigorous science in mind.

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