Sardine Health Benefits

While traveling through the Mediterranean region this past summer, I was especially fascinated by the glowing skin of Italians.  One afternoon while dining in Lucca, I glanced across the table and noticed a natural beauty I’ll name “Ms. Italy”.


I noticed that Ms. Italy had ordered a plate of fresh-grilled sardines.  Could this be the secret to her radiant skin?

Omega-3 fatty acids do wonders in keeping the skin healthy, so naturally I had to ask the Italian beautuy if the order was a common staple in her diet!  She explained that since she was a little girl, sardines were definitely a big part of her diet–especially because her mother and grandmother consumed these nutrient-packed fish on a regular basis.

I learned that her skin care regiment was very basic, so basic in fact, I was totally embarrassed by how many products I had carried with me over the Pacific.  When I asked what her typical diet consisted of, she responded:  nothing processed, daily consumption of fish (mostly sardines), seasonal veggies, of course a cappuccino to get the day started, and a glass of wine in the late afternoon .  Supplements?  A basic daily multivitamin found at her local pharmacy.

What you need to know about fish oil supplements:

  • Once fish oils are processed, they are prone to oxidation/rancidity.
  • Make sure your fish oils are preserved with both d-gamma, and d-delta Vitamin E.
  • When in doubt:  test the oil by splitting the capsule in half.  Taste and smell if the oil appears fresh.

The best way to get Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

  • Sardines
  • Herring
  • Krill Oil
  • Grass Fed Beef
  • Omega-3 Enriched Eggs

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