Riviera Magazine

Riviera Magazine What: Join top Nutritionist Stella Metsovas as she heats up the kitchen at Bloomingdales, South Coast Plaza.

Named “One of America’s Health Experts” by Woman’s Day magazine, Metsovas has created an entirely unique diet method – the Paleo Mediterranean diet.

The Paleolithic diet consists of grass-fed meat, free-range fowl or wild-caught fish, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and generous portions of healthy fats – including nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and coconut oil. Grains, legumes, dairy products, sugar, vegetable oils and processed foods are absent from this diet.

Join Stella on January 14th at Bloomingdales, South Coast Plaza, as she demonstrates how to create her phenomenal low-carb Paleo Moussaka. It is sure to be an afternoon of culinary education and delightful surprises.