Some of the Refrigerator Items I Live By!

Whether it’s the refrigerator or freezer, keeping a few core items on hand is a necessity to my wellbeing.  One of the secrets in reaching your best is a well-stocked fridge!

I’ve seen all different types of lifestyles in my private practice–from the man who’d travel back and forth from California to Germany every ten days, to the homemaker who’s caring for three children–both ways of life are limited on time, and yours is probably no exception.

Set aside 90-minutes max per week (and that includes driving time) for a foolproof way of becoming the healthiest you can be.

My 6 Personal Favorite Ingredients

  1. I always have some sort of liquid elixir ready to grab like a large carafe of ginseng tea mixed with fresh lemon, or a green juice with no fruit added (I advise on eating the fruit instead of juicing it).  Photographed here, I have a juice made with celery, lemon (even the skin), ginger, and cucumber.
  2. If I were to pick the one food related “thing” that brings me true comfort, it’s a nice glass of untainted wine a couple times a week (although I do go a month here and there without any).   One of my favorite’s is a Pouilly-Fumé (a good one will cost you approx. $18.00 a bottle).  I also have a reason for drinking that glass–or two–of wine: it’s always a social thing for me.  Want to know why?  Read this. 
  3. Adaptogens-where would I be without you?!   Ginseng and Ashwagandha are my two favorites.
  4. Bean sprouts for that extra edge of nutrient’s I’m always looking for.  *Make sure to always purchase from a reputable company who uses organic methods.
  5. Fish–the smaller the better from tested waters.  We have stringent rules here in the USA, so when you can, buy locally.  My catch of the week here is black seabass.  I’ll probably make a butternut squash puree, topped with the seabass, and a side of steamed greens, olive oil, and a pinch of Celtic sea salt.  Or maybe I’ll bake in parchment…check this recipe out.
  6. Pre-chopped vegetables from the market.  Now I really have no excuse to make that beautiful and digestively-pleasing salad.
  7. Chopped garlic for all my cooking needs.  My grandmother lived until she was 96 and consumed garlic, daily.



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