The Iowa Source: Raw Food Diet

Iowa SourceRaw Food: Striking A Healthy Balance

“Raw foods supply the body with important vitamins and minerals, which would otherwise be mostly depleted when cooking,” says Stella Metsovas, a certified nutritionist in Laguna Beach. “[They] contain beneficial living enzymes that help to digest foods naturally without pulling from your physiological reserves.” According to Metsovas, live foods also contain beneficial fibers that can help regulate blood sugar.

Genetics and culture can play an important role as well. “If you have lived your life thus far on traditional [cooked] Indian cuisine,” says Metsovas, “your physiology has a blueprint to metabolize foods in a certain way.”

“Transitioning to a raw food lifestyle should be treated as a process and not as an instant switch,” says Metsovas. “Beware of the detoxifying properties a live food diet is capable of producing.” Headaches, nausea, lightheadedness, and extreme cravings are all symptomatic of rapid detoxification and a good cue to take it slow.

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