Quality Health: Why Your Body Needs Water

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Most people drink water throughout the day because it’s refreshing and tastes good. But did you know that H2O is also necessary for your body’s proper functioning? How much do you need?

Key Functions of Water

The human body is 60 percent water; this essential nutrient helps fuel many important chemical and metabolic processes, explains Stella Metsovas, BS, CCN, a California-based food, health, and nutrition expert.

Some vital roles water plays in the body include:

  • Feeding your cells: The water in your blood helps to carry oxygen and other important nutrients to your cells.
  • Fighting off illness: Water in your lymph fluids helps your immune system fight off germs. Lymph fluids travel through the lymphatic vessels, part of the circulatory system.
  • Digesting food: Water works with digestive enzymes in your salvia to help break down foods so the nutrients can be transported for absorption and assimilation.
  • Eliminating waste: Water plays a part in eliminating waste from your intestines, kidneys, and liver through perspiration, urination, and defecation. Water can also keep your stools soft so they will be easier to pass.
  • Regulating temperature: Water helps your body to maintain its ideal temperature by releasing excess heat to help you stay cool.
  • Lubricating organs, tissues, and joints: Water helps the body achieve proper moisture levels, and lubricates tissues and joints to keep them functioning well.

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