Psyllium Husk & Balancing Hormones (VIDEO)

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Hi, my name is Stella Metsovas, and today we’re going to talk about psyllium husks and balancing your hormones. I’m sure you never guessed the digestive tract plays such a huge role in keeping your hormones healthy but it does. Your gut is home to trillions of cells that literally feed your brain, hormones and body. Here’s a quick fact, in a report published from The University of Toronto, Canada, biologists demonstrated that gut bacteria could actually regulate the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. Since the 1950s we’ve witnessed the large scale production, use and disposal of man-made chemicals into our environment. Most of these synthetic chemicals produced in the United States lack adequate testing to determine their long term health effects in humans. One example would be the plastic BPA and its effect on estrogen dominance. Since these products interfere with our internal hormone balance, they cause adverse health effects and we call them hormone disrupting compounds. A diet high in fiber will help assist in estrogen elimination. Dietary fiber reduces estrogen levels in the body and urine possibly by influencing the enzyme produced by intestinal bacteria or otherwise known as gut bacteria. Add psyllium to your favorite digestive health cleanse to keep your hormones healthy and happy.  Read more: