VIP List: 5 Daily Wild Mediterranean Rituals For Optimal Digestive Health

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VIP List: 5 Daily Wild Mediterranean Rituals For Optimal Digestive Health

Digestive Health Summit with Dr. Michael Murray

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A Free Online Event from September 9th – 17th! I’m excited to take part in the Digestive Health Summit with Dr. Michael Murray, N.D.  The panel includes a list of 29 respected teachers who will bring you the most up-to-date research and information about healing the gut through food, nutrition and natural supplements. About the Digestive …

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How Do You Digest Food?

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Description of What Happens to Food During DigestionHi, I’m Stella Metsovas. And today, we’re talking about the description of what happens to food during the digestive process. This is a personal favorite subject of mine because I have devoted my career in digestive health research. I truly do think it’s important that both kids and …

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Italy is Healthiest Country in the World

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Let’s take a look at the dietary patterns of Italians while on vacation in Greece  to see if there’s any correlation with Italy ranking number one healthiest country of the world according to Bloomberg Global Health Index . Myconian Market + Italians I spent a couple weeks on the island of Mykonos this past summer—a favorite …

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