Meal Ideas: Sauteed Spinach (Video)

Hi everyone, my name is Stella Metsovas, and I am a globally recognized nutrition and health expert. Today, I’m going to show you how to make one of my favorite all time spinach saute recipes. It’s so simple, all you really have to do is add garlic but I’m going to teach you a little trick that my grandmother taught me. So the ingredients are about two pounds of spinach that I’ve washed and lightly retained a little bit of water on there. You want a tiny bit of moisture and if you don’t have a salad spinner, you definitely want to invest in one. They’re not terribly expensive but they sure do help the washing process of the greens. I’m going to add about two tablespoons of crushed garlic. Now you can do the garlic cloves. Sometimes I like to make my life simple and I’m just using a store bought crushed garlic. You’re going to save this lemon for later. Now, I am going to heat up some grape seed oil. When cooking at high temperatures, you want to probably use a grape seed oil or butter. A lot of people are fearful of butter but you don’t want to necessarily cook at high temperatures with olive oil. So I’m going to heat on medium, actually high heat the grape seed oil and then I’m going to add about a tablespoon or two, actually I’m going to do two. I love the taste of garlic in a sauteed spinach. Now you don’t have to do two, this is a good amount of garlic here okay? My grandmother used to probably put this whole jar in this sauteed spinach. We’re going to do a couple and be conservative. Now with the grape seed oil you want to make sure that the crushed garlic is infused within the oil or else it’s going to pop and splatter and we don’t want that. Okay now that the garlic has sauteed with the grape seed oil, we’re going to add the washed spinach that has a tiny bit of water on it. That water is going to help wilt the spinach. I remember growing up my grandmother would make this dish literally on a daily basis and she would use all different types of greens. Now you don’t have to use spinach but this is a classic spinach and garlic saute. You can use kale. You can use mustard greens. Now you’re going to let this cook for about four to five minutes on medium heat and you’re going to see in a moment how the spinach is going to wilt and condense down. Okay, alright, so the spinach is now ready to be served. The spinach wilts more than you can believe so you always want to add a little bit more when cooking because this is really in my opinion, enough for one serving. I mean I can definitely have this for a nice lunch or dinner with a piece of lean protein. So there it is, beautifully wilted spinach. So good, let’s see, umm.

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