Low-Carb Food Substitutions (VIDEO)

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Hi. My name is Stella Metsovas, and I make a career out of studying, cooking and eating food. Today, we’re going to talk about healthy, low-carb substitutions. When you look at carbohydrates, you have to literally select which ones are the healthiest or it could be the worst component of your health. The bad carbohydrates are going to literally make you feel lethargic and just feel like blah. So, you got to get those out and replace them with healthy, low-carbohydrate varietals. Now, kale, this is one of my favorite, favorite low-carbohydrate substitutions because you can actually make chips out of kale. Yes, I said chips. Chips are, ah, one of my favorite cheat foods. Kale, just cut them up nice and thin, put them in an oven at 350 with a little bit of oil on top, you have a chip. Berries, berries are naturally low in sugar and they taste so sweet that you can actually add them on top of my favorite substitution for ice cream and that is Greek yogurt. I like to use two percent because it just gives you that nice, creamy taste, similar to like a gelato, which is an amazing ice cream that I love and sometimes I do indulge in. Eggplant, if you want to make a really healthy lasagna and you don’t want all those carbs from flour-based noodles, just cut up the eggplant really thin and layer like you would a traditional lasagna. One of my favorite ways to make a paleo-style mashed potato is by using cauliflower. Cauliflower can actually really almost take on not only the appearance, but the taste of a starchy, heavy mashed potato. So, cauliflower is one of my favorite uses for that. Cucumber, sometimes, when I’m in the mood for a sandwich, I like to just omit the bread altogether and use cucumber as, basically, my sub sandwich. So, you cut the cucumber in half, scoop out all the meat and then fill the cucumber with whatever you like. I like to personally fill it with tuna salad. You can make the most amazing spaghetti out of squash. You can use yellow squash or green squash, just use it in a food processor and grate it. And, then, add marinara sauce, a little bit of cheese and some olive oil and you won’t be missing traditional pasta; or, if you do, have it every once in a while. Portobello mushrooms, really, really, really great to make a pizza out of Portobello mushrooms. You can scoop out the flesh in here, fill with a little bit of cheese, some sun-dried tomatoes, olives, bake and you have a pizza, low-carbohydrate pizza. My name is Stella Metsovas, and enjoy all these beautiful, healthy, low-carbohydrate substitutio

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