Livestrong: What Does a Detox Diet Consist Of?


Written By Stella Metsovas B.S.

If you find yourself hard-pressed to stick with your new gym routine but you still need to drop a few pounds a detox diet might just be the way to go. Detoxing can help reset your digestive track and change bad habits so that you no longer crave certain unhealthy foods. A cleanse can also help to improve your energy levels and digestion, promote weight loss, enhance mental clarity, balance your mood and promote long-term dietary changes.

What is a Detox?

There are several different detoxification programs out there and selecting one that works best for you is key. A detox and cleanse are technically the same thing; modified fasts that could include herbal products.

Leading Detox Diets

The Master Cleanse is a liquid fast that uses water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne powder as the primary source of fuel for the entire cleanse. No solid food is allowed.

Other forms of detox diets include those that allow the juicing of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as Dr. Elson Haas’s The New Detox Diet. Haas notes, “fasting and juice cleansing can be a terrific source or vitality and a great healing tool. A good cleanse can remove congestion and toxins, and help you feel youthful.”

Another detox program created by Dr. Alejandro Junger, known as The Clean Program, is “a 21-day detox program for achieving vibrant health and restoring the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Specifically designed for the person on the move who wants to remain active and cleanse.”

If a 21-day detox program just doesn’t seem feasible, Junger suggests beginning with a three-day mini cleanse, designed to give your digestive track a rest and boost energy levels. The minicleanse does not require any supplements and consists solely of a liquid meal for breakfast and two solid meals from the list of recommended recipes for lunch and dinner.

Why Should You Detox?

The chemicals that we are constantly exposed to in both our internal and external environment can drain your energy and make you feel run-down. If you find yourself eating a lot of sugary and starchy foods or overindulging in caffeine and alcohol, a detox just might be the natural pick-me-up your body needs to restore its energy.


Check with your doctor before starting a detox.