List of Starches to Avoid (Video)

List of Starches to Avoid — powered by LIVESTRONG.COM

Hi, my name is Stella Metsovas, and today we’re gonna talk about a list of starches you should avoid. So, you’re probably wondering: why should you avoid these starches? First off, let me tell you what starch actually consists of. Starch is a type of carbohydrate also referred to as a complex carbohydrate that is made up of long chains of sugar molecules. Common starchy foods include peas, corn, potatoes, beans, pasta, rice and grains. If you’re worried about high blood sugar, or you can’t seem to lose some extra weight, you wanna check the sources of carbohydrates you are consuming, especially the starch based carbohydrates. The starches I recommend you avoid, more importantly, are: white rice, because white rice has the highest amount of starch at 47 grams per 200 calories. Following that, potato chips at 42 grams per 200 calories. You shouldn’t be having those, anyway. Cornmeal is also pretty high at 40 grams, and white potatoes are high, too, but they contain minerals like potassium. And, you definitely wanna stay away from most breakfast cereals. They’re really high in starches and sugars. To check more on starch content of foods, you can log on to When in doubt, keep your carbohydrate intake from vegetables, and a careful eye on those starches.

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