Jennifer’s Story

> Instead of posting a standard testimonial, I’ll share with you an email Jennifer sent me during the beginning stages of her program. <

“Monday when I sent the email, it was a very, very, very bad day for me. I was at a point were I thought I was going to explode from frustration, anxiety, desperation. By Tuesday, I was a little better and getting your answers help out.

Then I was explaining to my sister the replies you sent me on the questions I had. In explaining it to her I had a huge breakthrough in the mental process of doing this cleanse.

It was weird that I understood everything and what the purpose was and new that part of it was getting past the trickery my mind was playing on me over the craving , etc. Yet somehow it was not really sinking in the way it was supposed to. Needless to say that explaining it to my sister helped it finally sunk in, and what a huge difference it makes.

I can now stop fixating on the food and really listen to what my body and mind are telling me. I figured out that Its about pushing through the pain (in a sense), pushing through those moments where I just cant take it anymore and I want to give in. That’s the deciding moment that defines whether you succeed or not.

At least that what it all means to me. The part were you said your brain is tricking you into thinking you are hungry was the ah ha moment. Knowing that and understand that has made a world of difference. Somehow it has made the awful starving feeling go away, I’m feeling fuller and for longer period of time after each meal. And the crazy sugar craving are manageable. I’m assuming I will still struggle and have good days and bad day, but truly understanding is making the process bearable and enjoyable. And oddly the food seems to be tasting really good.

Jennifer Before Starting Program 10/1/2010

Jennifer 3 Months AFTER