I Fell in Love at First Sip: True Food Kitchen’s Green Arnie

Green Arnie True Food Kitchen

I rarely order beverages in restaurants.  They’re usually sugar-laden, and contain minimal nutritional value, if any.  I took a leap of faith and ordered the Green Arnie from True Food Kitchen’s ‘Natural Refreshments’ menu; I fell in love at first sip.  The blend of lemons, matcha green tea, and probably no more than a teaspoon of honey made me wonder why I hadn’t tried it before.

If you’d like to try making the Green Arnie at home, first you’ll need a good quality match green tea.   My favorite Matcha Japanese Green Tea is carried at Teavana and comes from Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.  Next, you need to make sure the lemons you’re using are from a reputable grower.  What is a reputable grower you ask?  Someone who doesn’t pick the citrus unripe.  Go to your local Farmers Markets, like the new Lido Isle, Newport Beach Farmers Market. Finally, make sure the honey you’re using is organic—you don’t want any nasty pesticides swimming around in your Green Arnie!

I love dining at True Food Kitchen—it’s such a treat!