Digesting Whole Grains (Video)

Digesting Whole Grains

Now grains actually fall into two general categories, the first gluten containing grains such as rye, barley and especially wheat.

Oats are actually gluten free but if grown in the US they might be contaminated with gluten as they are grown and processed side by side with wheat.

The second category are gluten-free grains such as buckwheat, rice, quinoa and are easier to digest as a whole. In a study from “The Medical Journal of Gastroenterology” all participates who had digestive health complaints by consuming gluten-containing grains, consistently and significantly improved during reduced intake of gluten but significantly worsened, okay listen, this is very important, they actually worsened to a similar degree when their diets included gluten back. I recommend using gluten-free grains for optimal digestive health.