How to Cook Healthy With the Right Oil (VIDEO)

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Hi. My name is Stella Metsovas, and I make a living out of studying, cooking and eating food. What’s better than that? Today, we’re going to talk about the healthiest way to cook with oils. And, today, I’m going to talk about my three favorite oils to cook with. Number one is going to be grass-fed butter, number two is going to be coconut oil and number three is going to be avocados. I have olive oil here because I want to let everybody know, I am a huge, huge, huge lover of olive oil, but I do not like to cook with olive oil at high temperatures. The reason being, olive oil is actually a monounsaturated fat and, as you can tell right here, the color, which is a beautiful golden green color, gets pretty much rancid, if you will, when cook it. So, the color here actually showcases the beautiful green color in olive oil and those are actually phytonutrients in there. What happens with heat is it can really damage these beneficial nutrients and actually change the configuration of the fat which is something you don’t want. So, whenever you’re using olive oil, use it in your sautés, use it to dress your salads, but never cook at high temperatures with olive oil. Now, grass-fed butter is literally king when it comes to cooking at high temperatures. You also have an abundance of vitamin A and vitamin D, two nutrients that are critical for overall health. One of my favorite ways to cook with grass-fed butter is to sauté with onions, tomatoes and all these wonderful vegetables that give such life to your dishes. The butter goes hand in hand with the vegetables because, when you use a saturated fat, the fibers actually do really well with that saturated fat, they break down perfectly. Coconut oil is one of those oils you definitely don’t want to go without. You want to keep this in your pantry, you can use it with virtually anything, anything that calls for oil, you can use coconut oil with. Coconut oil is so healthy that your thyroid, your adrenal glands, your body, literally, just slurps it up and absorbs it because there are so many nutrients found in coconut like medium chain fatty acids. These fats are so beneficial and keep your energy consistent throughout the day, meaning, when your energy is consistent throughout the day, you’re not going to have these severe hunger spikes, you’re going to be even-keyed and full of energy all day long. Avocados, you can cook with avocado oil. You don’t want to cook with a whole avocado but, for the sake of filming, I wanted to show you guys the avocado. Now, you want to get the avocado oil. Again, saturated fat, really good when heating at high temperatures, an avocado is just so rich in all these wonderful vitamins and minerals that are found traditionally in fruits like olive and avocado. So, when you’re cooking, be very mindful of using an oil that is stable at high temperatures; olive oil is definitely not something that you want to use at high temperatures. My name is Stella Metsovas. I hope you enjoyed this segment and keep on cooking healthy.

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