High Sugar & the Liver (Video)

High Sugar & the Liver– powered by LIVESTRONG.COM

Hi, my name is Stella Metsovas, and today we’re gonna be talking about high sugar and your liver. Sugar is really controlled through your pancreas and your liver, and what happens is, if you have high sugar, which is commonly found in type 2 diabetics, if almost engorges the liver because there’s too much glycogen in there. So what happens is, is you have these blood tests results that really are not good for the liver, and that’s caused by high blood sugar. The liver is where excess glucose is brought and stored as glycogen and it works closely with other organ systems to regulate blood sugar. The best way to keep your blood sugar within balance, and in turn have a healthy liver, is by including foods that are low in fats, rich in nutrients, and again, you want to stay away from the sugar as much as possible. Sugar really is the enemy, and the body does not really require any sugar at all. So replace that sugar with complex carbohydrates, and be healthy and keep your liver healthy as well.

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