Hi, my name is Stella Metsovas. And today, we’re going to talk about high protein snack ideas.

Protein is essential to our overall health and in fact, amino acids which make up protein, are essential to us living. Without them, we would not be alive. So, having healthy sources of protein are key to your overall health. And maintaining insulin and glucose really is a key factor on the foods you feed your body.

So, keeping a healthy glucose and insulin level in your blood is dependent on the foods you eat. And high protein snacks are going to help keep that glucose and insulin throughout the day nice and stable. And we all want that.

So, my favorite high protein snacks include: yogurt with berries, one of the best snacks you can have. Almonds, a piece of fruit, you can do a protein infused smoothie by mixing whey protein powder or a vegan source like hemp protein powder.

One of my favorite recommendations for a high protein snack, also includes having a little bit of food from your lunch or dinner. So, making sure you don’t overdo the main meal, keep a little bit reserved for a snack, and there you go. You have a snack from your lunch or dinner that you did not overfill yourself from.

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