Healthy Whole Grain Foods (Video)

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Hi. My name is Stella Metsovas. I make a living out of studying, cooking and eating food. Today, we’re going to talk about healthy whole grain options. Whole grains are essential to your overall health, in fact, they’re a large component of the Mediterranean diet. They contain B vitamins, fiber, minerals, all these important things for your overall health. You want to make sure whenever you’re selecting healthy whole grains that they are, literally, one ingredient. So, here, we have oatmeal and oatmeal, literally, is one ingredient. You could purchase steel cut oats or rolled oats. Rolled oats are quicker to cook and they’re really, really soft. You could put the steel cut oats in a Crock-Pot overnight to get them really soft but, if you don’t, it might take a little while longer to actually get them to expand. Here we have a harvest blend of barley and all these wonderful lentils, let’s see what else do we have in here. We have some beans, even though beans aren’t whole grains, if you do a soup, whole grains and beans go very well together. In Italy, they have a whole grain called farro, F-A-R-R-0. It’s pretty easy to find it now here in America but, about ten years ago it was really a delicacy, really good, tastes almost like barley. One of my favorite whole grains is pearl barley. You can add it to anything, side dish, on top of salads, it’s such a wonderful texture. you can do a healthy whole grain flour whenever you’re making pancakes or bread. It pairs really, really, really well with a healthy side dish. Quinoa, quinoas is one of the most important sources of protein in a vegetarian diet. Quinoa is actually part of a flower of a vegetable so it’s really, technically, not a whole grain, it’s actually a flower, but we’re going to characterize it as a whole grain for today. Rice, rice is such a delicacy around the world; it’s used with everything from sushi to side dishes to even breakfast in some cultures. And, finally, we have bread. Sprouted bread is my favorite bread because you are still maintaining the germ in the wheat berry. So, whenever you purchase a bread, make sure it is a whole wheat and/or sprouted wheat bread. You want to stay away from the white, enriched flour. My name is Stella Metsovas and I hope you include these healthy whole grains in your diet.

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