Healthy Dinners at Restaurants (Video)

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Hi. My name is Stella Metsovas, and today we’re going to talk about healthy dinners at restaurants. Now, one important thing you need to understand about restaurants is, they want you to come back for more. So, they’re going to do that in two ways. Number one, making the food taste really, really good and, number two by giving you hefty portion sizes. So, the first thing you want to consider when you’re out to dinner and you want to eat healthfully is ask them to tone down or to completely get rid of any added oils or flavors. So, you need to understand one major thing about going out to eat at a restaurant. The grill is already going to have oil on it because they’re using that grill all night long. So, ask the server to just hold on all the oils and even flavors. You also want to make sure that you look at your portion size, so, use your palm as a rule of thumb. Now, if you are a taller girl, like me, I have bigger palms than some of my petite friends, so my serving size is going to fit nicely into the palm of my hand. Make sure that when you are going out to eat, additionally, that you keep it social. You don’t want to go out to eat all the time. Reason being, especially if you don’t ask the server to tone down the oil or the flavors, the way you taste things at home is going to taste really bland and that’s going to make you want to go out to eat more. So, when you’re at a restaurant ask for fish, fish is a great option, make sure that all of your side dishes, try to aim for vegetables, steamed vegetables, salads. You want to stay away from anything that’s heavy and creamy and, usually, on restaurant menus they’re going to state when there’s a cream-based sauce. So, my name is Stella Metsovas, make sure when you go out to eat to just tone down the portion sizes and also the flavors and oils.

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