Healthy Breakfast Recipes: BIG Dinner Plans? Make it Breakfast!

Ever skipped breakfast?  Barely eaten lunch?…hoping to put the calories you saved all day toward that fancy dinner you had planned. Well, a new study published by the International Journal of Obesity shows that what you eat and when you eat it influences how much you weigh.  Researchers found that the type of food consumed at breakfast may program your metabolism for the rest of the day.

It appears that a breakfast higher in fat may “turn on” fat metabolism, enabling your body to respond to a greater variety of foods throughout the day.  In this study conducted by researchers at the University of Alabama, mice that ate a carbohydrate-rich breakfast and consumed a high-fat meal at the end of the day saw increased weight gain, compared to mice that ate a high-fat meal in the morning.

With our constantly changing schedules and increasing obligations, most of our diet patterns change from one day to the next, but it appears that starting off the day with a higher-fat meal may enable our bodies to respond to these variations in diet over the course of the day.

Here are some of my time-tested healthy breakfast recipes!

High Protein Egg Cupcakes

High Protein Egg Cupcakes
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My Top Four Recommendations for Breakfast:

1) Add shredded coconut to your yogurts, smoothies, eggs, etc.  Coconut contains beneficial fatty acids, minerals and fiber… Bob’s Red Mill is one of my favorites!

2)I’m a huge fan of adding extra virgin olive oil to most of my breakfast’s.  Olive oil should never really be used in cooking–the monounsaturated fat is extremely sensitive to heat.  Adding a teaspoon or tworaw–is best!

3) Ghee/Clarified Butter is also a great way to add beneficial fatty acids in the am (make sure you’re only using 1 – 2 teaspoons per serving)

4) Of course, raw nuts are always at the top of my list!

Next time you find yourself wondering about skipping breakfast, remember that a morning meal higher-in fat prepares your body for the rest of the day!

In Health, Stella Metsovas B.S., CCN