Gut Health Specialist

Stella believes that optimal health begins in your gut.  Research within “gut health” is presenting some very important studies on the digestive tract and how it relates to your overall health.  In fact, most people are essentially categorized as unhealthy if digestive systems aren’t working efficiently–even when your weight is considered ‘healthy’.   Unfortunately, most people live day-to-day without knowing how insufficient their digestive processes have become.  Examples of the ‘ill-gut’ include: pathogenic bacteria, overgrowth of  yeast and fungi, putrification, fatty acid maldigestion, enzyme deficiency, food intolerance’s, viral pathogens, parasites, genetic inborn errors,  pH and a host of many other markers.  In today’s world, the likelihood of having at least one strike against optimal digestive functioning is highly likely.  Stella works with her clients by creating the most favorable environment using laboratory testing methods, detoxification and her unique, Paleo-Mediterranean Diet for aftercare and optimum longevity.  Stella has aligned with the best medical doctors and naturopathic physicians to compliment her practice and treatment protocols for her patients.