Gut Health Diet and Digestive Detox by Stella Metsovas

Diet is 95% of your health, but over 75% of consumers admit they don’t know how to eat to lose weight effectively.  So many people live day-to-day with symptoms that are never diagnosed correctly.  Markers found in your gut bacteria have been implicated in a host of degenerative diseases, and health depends on a balanced equilibrium of gut microbiota.  Why do you think probiotics are all the rage these days?  Because people begin to feel marginally better.  I find most of these products are heavily processed and could never compete with the foundation of optimal digestive health.  The digestive health detox uses three stages through a gut health diet by using the 3 principles of Taste Reset, Detoxification and Master Reset.  During this time you withdrawal from the foods causing harm (even health foods could be disastrous) and replace with One Ingredient Foods that have been carefully selected as low-allergenic power foods.  Then, you procede to a detoxification stage where it’s clear the body is adapting to a new way.  Finally, during the Master Reset, you are given the tools in the 60-page e-Hanbook to identify optimal health.