Grilled Salmon With Couscous Recipe (Video)

Hi, my name is Stella Metsovas and I’m a globally recognized health food and diet expert, and today I’m going to show you how to make a super easy recipe, couscous and salmon, perfection. Now I’ve added about a tablespoon of butter to a pan and I’m going to lightly saute fresh cherry tomatoes, butter and tomatoes pair really well with each other when you cook stove top because the butter is a nice fat and really gets into the texture of the tomato so it’s, it’s a win win combination. Actually better then olive oil might have been. Okay, so medium heat, let them soften a little bit. Okay, so now these almost completed, the cherry tomatoes. I’ve blanched some asparagus, we’re going to dice them up, I’ve also prepared some couscous according to the package instructions, it’s really easy to make. Now that the tomatoes are done I’m going to pair them with the couscous, mix everything together and now we’re going to get the salmon ready. Salmon is going to take minutes to cook, really easy, so this is already completed, the couscous mixture. Okay so the same pan that I used to saute the tomatoes, I’m going to add a filet of salmon, I’m using a beautify piece of Norwegian salmon today, I’ve lightly spiced it, a tiny bit of sea salt and pepper and you’re going to grill it for about 4 minutes total, about a minute and a half, two minutes to each side. I have the skin side down, I’m going to to cook that for about two and a half minutes and then I’m going to flip it over. Okay, so now the salmon is perfectly grilled, I’ve left the skin on because the skin actually tastes really good when it’s cooked to perfection. And I’m going to cut the salmon in little strips. And the way we’re going to display this on top of the couscous is like this. This is the perfect healthy salmon dish, couscous has this beautiful quality to it, it tastes in between like a, like a little nut and maybe like a little piece of pasta, so you have the beautifully grilled salmon, some tomatoes, asparagus, so good. My name is Stella Metsovas, enjoy.

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