Greek Potato Salad

Today I’m going to show you how to make a red potato Greek salad.

So I’ve steamed the red potatoes. The trick to getting a nice baby red potato tender is by steaming and actually not boiling. The boiling is going to break down the starch a little too much and then you’re going to be stuck with a mushy potato.

So I’m going to kind of cut these diagonally just to make them look pretty, there we go and

Greek Potato Recipe

I’m layering a dish, some roasted red peppers. You can roast your own. I like to make my life easy so I usually buy them roasted.

Okay so now I just added the red pepper. I’m going to put a little bit of red onion on top, some Kalamata olives. I’m using organic Kalamata olives from Chef Cat Cora’s line. They’re really really good, really fresh.

I’m going to grab some feta and crumble it on top and now I’m going to cut up some mint and some parsley, just to give the dish a little bit of a herb like taste.

I’m going to add some olive oil and about two tablespoons of Dijon mustard, a little bit of red wine vinegar, some sea salt, pepper and a little bit of dill, mix this together, you have the vinaigrette.

There you go, a red potato Greek salad with feta. Stiliamas kikalixy. Enjoy.