Healthy Greek Potato Almond Dip (VIDEO)

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a true, authentic Mediterranean diet recipe called Skordalia in Greek.

It’s actually an almond and garlic paste that’s often served with vegetables, paired with fish. It’s super yummy, rich in garlic, so be careful when you have the garlic. Because you’re definitely, you’re going smell like garlic when you have this dish.

I began by boiling two Russet potatoes, so these already cooked, they’ll be tender to the touch once they’re completed cooking. You’re going to want to peel the skin off, so these are a little warm.

Grab a mash potato press, or you can just use a strainer, kind of put your hand and strain it manually. Put it into a food processor.

O.k., so now that we have put the potato in the food processor, we’re going to take some sea salt and place it on top of about eight garlic cloves.

Now, here is where you can kind of, change the recipe a little bit, if you’d like. You can add more garlic or less, you might want to start with less. So, eight or less, you probably don’t want to go above that. And you’re going to take a knife and just push down and crush the garlic. You’re going to do this and you can use your manual garlic crusher. But we prefer to add the salt in the garlic because the taste is just so much better that way.

Go ahead and add it to the food processor.

We’re going to add three-quarters of a cup of blanched almonds, we’re going to add a half a cup of water. Actually add a little tiny bit to begin, don’t add it all at once. We’re going to add three tablespoons of white wine vinegar. Then, we’re going to add a couple tablespoons of olive oil.

O.k., so after you put the potato and the garlic into the food processor. You’re going to want to juice about two lemons. The lemons are really going to help bring out the garlic and the potato, the flavors. Super good to pair with fish, one of my favorite ways to have fish, Greek style is with Skordalia.

O.k., so now we’re going to pour the lemon juice into the food processor and blend. Now that all the flavors have blended together, it’s ready to be served, it’s a nice, white creamy consistency.

Can you imagine, we haven’t really added any oil in here, about three tablespoons tops. Now, in Greece, what they do is, they add a little bit of oregano on top. I’m going to keep it nice and plain, that’s how I prefer mine. My name is Stella Metsovas, enjoy.