Greek Lettuce Salad (Video)

Today I’m going to show you how to make a Greek lettuce salad.

A Greek lettuce salad is different than a village salad because we’re actually going to be using Romaine lettuce, and green onion and that’s pretty much it aside from your spices.

So we’re going to begin by cutting the scallions all the way up to pretty much the green portion right where it begins. Try to slice these as thin as possible. OK so now that I’ve sliced the green onion, I’m going to remove the stem of the Romaine lettuce, and here’s the trick.

Make sure you bunch up the Romaine as much as you can because we’re going to slice this really really thing. Try and get as thin as you can. When you go to grease the lettuce salad which are typically served in the winter months, are sliced really, really, really thin. You don’t have the big chunks of salad leaves. As a typical salad would have.

Romaine lettuce is really high in Vitamin C. In fact it’s one of my favorite green leafy salad leaves to use. So see how thin this is? Going to transfer it to the bowl with the scallions.

OK and we’re going to mix the Romaine lettuce and the scallions together. And now we’re going to spice the dish, the salad, with some dill.

Dill and Romaine lettuce goes perfectly together. We’re going to add a little bit of sea salt. A tiny bit of pepper. Some people don’t like using pepper on their salads because it’s a little too much. You can add, if you like, little bit of vinegar. I’m using an apple cider vinegar.

Traditionally this is made with a white wine vinegar. And of course, olive oil.

What would we do without olive oil in the Greek culture? Actually in the Mediterranean culture. OK so now I’ve added all of my spices and I’m going to mix everything together. And there you go. A Greek lettuce salad spiced with dill, sea salt, a little bit of pepper, and of course, olive oil.