USA Triathlete Grady Funk’s story

Grady FunkPrior to seeing Stella, I was consuming a lot of processed grains, cereals, soy, and frozen dinners.  I was strictly concerned about my caloric intake rather than the actual makeup of the food I was consuming.  I had a lot of  indigestion and my energy levels would go up and down all day.  I was not aware of the importance of getting my nutrients from its raw source and how it attributes to digestion, recovery, and my overall energy level.  Since I have changed my diet and gotten away from processed foods, I have noticed a steady energy level throughout the day and my recovery rate is far beyond what it used to be.  With 30 hours of training a week and 40 hours of work, it is vital I put the correct foods in my “engine” that allow me to completemy workouts with focus, and also allow it to recover for the next day.