Forecasting Nutrition Trends in 2020

My field has become overly saturated with really bad advice.


The side business of becoming the next health guru is quickly becoming the next ‘it’ thing to do, with social media serving as the perfect backdrop.


Being passionate about something is really exciting; I get it.


I’m totally passionate about horseback riding—especially dressage. If I had the time or enthusiasm, would I go and start a blog called Stella’s Dressage? Heck no.   You see, without ranting, I simply don’t know enough to consider myself an expert or give advice on dressage. I do have field experience, combined with marginal book reading, and bi-monthly lessons with a bona fide expert, yes; by no means do I consider myself an expert though—nor will I be for quite some time.


Stella Metsovas Horse
Here I am riding dressage!

How does my proposed dressage blog differ from anyone posting that Instagram photo with their nutrition recommendations as a  ‘because I said so’? Or how about the interpretation of a study from biased opinions by getting a Facebook tribe to bash each other (or anyone else who rebuts) in the comments section?  Both blogs are harmful in many ways, and, it’s like high school all over again, but now, we’re playing roulette with our health.


Good News Ahead

There will be a weeding out of inaccurate health information (probably not soon enough), and one thing I can assure of (thankfully!), you’ll grow more perceptive according to the recent report entitled Forecasting Nutrition Research by the Journal of American College of Nutrition.  It is you who will help the real experts clear the debris caused by all the rubbish out there and question everything like the great Greek philosophers of our past!


This is good news folks.


According to the forecast, you’ll begin to question why that $80.00 juice detox is good for you rather than just simply doing it.  You’re going to crave real foods—like those one ingredient foods found in Longevity Villages worldwide.  Our foods system will include ingredients found in our ancestral past (have you seen the new Cheerios + Ancient Grains ad?).


Why do you ask? Because you want real information that is time-tested, not some crazy concoction crafted in a lab, or a fad diet.  You are learning from the past, trying to undo all the harm caused by these  crazy trends (remember the fat-free years?).


Here is the breakdown of what to expect by 2020 according to real data—not the hearsay mumbo jumbo found around the World Wide Web.


  1. You are concerned about genetically modified (GMO’s) food crops and will continue to crave information about the good and bad that comes with them well into 2020.
  2. Ah, my favorite subject matter: the Microbiome and Microflora. You are very interested about our second brain—the gut—far more than your morning Greek yogurt or the probiotic supplement. Over 100 trillion microorganisms live within us and we will want to get to the root cause of dysbiosis (a microbial imbalance) in the gut. The forecast found that, “By 2020, a better understanding should exist about how changes in the gut microbiome may affect microbial populations in other parts of the body [4].” Also noteworthy (I could seriously go on and on….), “It is a reasonable prediction that by 2020 the role of the gut microbiota will be appreciated for its influence in obesity [6], immune regulation, and the risk of several diseases, including cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and, possibly, the aging process.” A-m-a-z-i-n-g!
  3. Nutrigenomics/Metabolomics/Epigenetics will come into full effect by studying particular phytochemicals and how they influence gene expression. Can you say Got Olive Oil?
  4. Energy Metabolism—It was like stepping into a warm bath after a long swim in the pool when I read this in the report: “Energy balance is more than just ‘calories in and calories out’ because factors such as energy utilization and energy storage must also be considered.” Yes, we are truly headed in the right direction with statements like this. Now, if we can wipe out all the hideously deceptive information endorsed by people who a) don’t know what the heck they’re saying or b) endorsed for marketing reasons; we’re on our way to victory.
  5. Inflammation will always be big news because it governs the way our bodies work systematically. To live harmoniously, the body will encounter specific antigens that contribute to inflammation as the actual reaction to the antigen, but what happens when the inflammation is ongoing? Or how about connecting the dots back to the digestive tract? This is good—really good.

The future is so bright when reading this type of data. It’s almost limitless what can be achieved in the quest for lifelong, optimal health—even with all the delusional misinformation out there.


We are getting back to our roots–back to nature, simplicity, and real food!


Bring it on!


Yours in Health,