Exploring Salmon with the Norwegian Seafood Council

Norwegian Seafood Council Five of us were invited by the Norwegian Seafood Council to explore salmon for 10 days in beautiful Norway.  Here’s a fun writeup from Elissa AltmanWinner of the 2012 James Beard Award for Best Individual Food Blog.

So, I did it.

The dyed-in-the-wool locavore, organic-head, greenmeister, hater-of-all-things-mass-produced, factory farm-loathing, Big Agra-hating, Alice Waters-loving,Wendell Berry-quoting, EAT MORE KALE tee shirt-wearing, Oceana-supporting, cliche-on-two-legs typing these words just got back from an excursion with author, NYU Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, Marion Nestle, chef/activist Peter Hoffman, journalist Kate Rockwood, and clinical nutritionist Stella Metsovas to northernmost Norway to visit a salmon farm, courtesy of The Norwegian Seafood Council. It was a very, very big salmon farm. The kind of salmon farm that, across twelve “pens” located off the coast of Skjervoy, “grows” millions of salmon a year; the Aurora Salmon “processing plant,” which we also visited (and where you could have eaten off the floor, it wasthat clean), puts out the equivalent of one million meals. Per day.  Read the entire article by clicking here.