Dr. Oz’s 99 Healthiest Foods — How Many Are In Your Shopping Cart?


ivillagesupermarket staple #30: low sodium chicken broth


Why It’s a Must Have: Low sodium chicken broth makes a great substitute for oil when sautéing, butter in mashed potatoes and to help retain moisture when roasting meats. And going low-sodium can save you an unnecessary 800mg of sodium per cup! “One item that I’m always stocking in my pantry is chicken broth,” says Stella Metsovas, a clinical nutritionist and diet expert in Los Angeles, California.


“Not only are you getting minerals from the veggies used to make the stock—it also makes perfect use when roasting meats. Adding chicken broth when baking meats allows for better moisture-retention.”


Budget Bonus: Thankfully this isn’t a big-ticket item, but you can save even more by stocking up when you have coupons, or during store specials since unopened broth can be stored for a long time in your cupboard.


Recipes to Try:


Wild Rice Risotto


Bean and Rosemary Soup



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