Do Antibiotics Cause Obesity?

antibiotics Gut health is the main focus of all my research, and I believe the gastrointestinal tract is at the core of being healthy.  From pregnancy to fetal development, adolescence to adulthood, the micro-flora found in the intestines are key pieces of information for optimal health and longevity.

 Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut”

 An ill-functioning gut has been attributed to cardiac issues, defects in thyroid health, immune system complications, and now, obesity.  New research is showing a possible missing link to the staggering rates of obesity in children and antibiotic usage.

The ecosystem found in your gut can influence so many aspects of your health.  The human race is becoming less and less adapt to passing off quality genes to their offspring, mainly because of (as I call it) the artificialization of foods and substandard growing methods in livestock.   In turn, these foods weaken our immune systems, you get sick more often, and require medical interventions like prescriptions to antibiotics–a never ending cycle.