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The Best Way to Lose Weight Is Already in Your Kitchen

You may think you know their benefits, but the probiotics found in yogurt and ginger beer and added to your cold-press are actually the new secret to shedding pounds.

Stella Metsovas Featured in Details MagazineSkeptics warn that more research is needed to find out which strains do what. Plus, probiotics aren’t regulated by the FDA, meaning manufacturers can make vague claims without backup. Still, the anecdotal evidence is persuasive. Stella Metsovas, a certified nutritionist and author of The 21-Day Digestive Health Detox, prescribed a half-cup of probiotic-rich foods daily to a group of clients, who lost an average of 21 pounds over six months without cutting calories. “The right types of probiotics can absolutely improve metabolism and help with weight loss,” Kellman says.

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