Cruciferous Vegetables and Digestive Health (Video)

Cruciferous Vegetables and Digestive Health

The word “digestive” and “microbiome” are so impersonal in a way, because I’ve found it automatically creates a disconnect for most people. You all know something is living in there (your gut!), but what does it all mean and how can we strive for optimal ‪#‎digestivehealth‬? That’s what I’m hoping to create in my first authored book publishing in 2016!

They always seem to make it onto my Top 10 List, find out why I love me some cruciferous veggies!  Oh, and by the way, they’re called “cruciferous” because the flowers on the plant have a cross-like arrangement, so cross as in ‘crosswise’!

On a funny note, I’m looking a little too surprised in the still for the youtube video; it’s part of the eHow family so I can share it, but have no access to select a better photo…lol!

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Cruciferous Vegetables Digestive Health