Crispy Greek Chicken With Kalamata and Feta (Video)

Crispy Greek Chicken with Kalamata and Feta

Hi, my name is Stella Metsovas. And today, we’re going to make a Greek crispy chicken.

I’ve already started sauteing one medium onion with one tablespoon of butter. They’re nice and soft now.

So, I’m going to add the chicken which as been seasoned with sea salt, pepper and oregano. And I’m using chicken thighs today, because I love the taste of chicken thighs.

Don’t be afraid of adding a little bit of fat to your diet, if it’s the right type of fat, it is not the enemy. Especially if it’s paired with healthy vegetables, whole grains.

O.k., so, we’re going to saute this on medium high heat, until the chicken is nice and crisp. And it’s going to get crispy because there’s a little bit fat in the thigh and we’ve sauteed the butter and onion together. So, there’s a little bit of coating of that butter and it’s going to crisp really nice.

Now that we’ve been sauteing away, you’ll see a golden-brown color on top of the chicken thighs. This is nice and crispy and ready to do the next part, which is, add some crushed garlic. If you love garlic, this is the dish for you.

You can also leave the garlic out, if you don’t really have the taste for garlic, no problem there. You just want to lightly coat the top of the thighs.

Kalamata olives, the super star ingredient in most Greek cooking.

You want to put this on top and the olives are going to literally stick to the garlic paste. O.k., now what we’re going to do, is we are going to transfer this to an oven for about 15 minutes at 350, watch what happens.

O.k., so now that the Greek crisp chicken is done cooking, you can also do this on a barbecue.

But for the sake of filming today, we broiled it in the oven and it’s now crispy and ready to eat. I’m going to plate it.

Now the way you want to have this dish, is to serve it with some tzatziki, it’s a Greek yogurt sauce.

And there you go, Greek crisp chicken with a side of tzatziki.

My name is Stella Metsovas, enjoy.

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