Controlling Your Destiny: Your Genes Vs. the Environment

You know that extra weight you’re carrying around that you just can’t quite seem to shake? You might think your genetic makeup is to blame, right? You might even blame your own mother for it! OK maybe not directly, but I’m pretty sure the thought has cross your mind once..or twice, right?  Don’t go throwing in the towel just yet. A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that in fact there is very little correlation between obesity, type 2 diabetes and your genetic makeup. This research should be good news to since you have more control over your health and the destiny of your body than you may have previously thought!

Genes and DNA
The environment we live in has much more influence on your health than we thought. Genes are affected by what we eat, what we think, our social connections, exposure to environmental toxins, stress, and how much physical and mental activity we get. All of these factors convey signals to your body for either health or disease. It’s a scary thought, I know, but at least it gives us the power to control our own destiny to a greater extent than we thought, right?

Another important finding suggests that the environmental factors affecting our genes can be passed down through generations. That means that if you grandfather smoked, or your father grew up working around pesticides you could be more prone to disease. And likewise your current lifestyle could affect your children’s children! Now that you know just how big of a role the environment plays in the destiny of your health, you should keep in mind the best way to control your genes is to eat well. A diet containing a variety of  vegetables, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, and clean-burning protein works well for most people but depending on your genes a different ratio of these components may work better for you.

Yours In Health,

Stella Metsovas B.S., CCN