Common Fruits and Vegetables Carbs Count (VIDEO)

Hi, my name is Stella Metsovas, and today we’re gonna talk about the common fruits and vegetables with high fiber and carb contents. Fruits and vegetables are bursting with nutrients in fact they contain some of my top recommendations for fiber. Apples and berries are loaded with fiber. They’re also considered a low-carb fruit a perfect addition to your healthy diet. You might not believe this but a medium cooked artichoke contains over 10 grams of fiber. Brussels sprouts are loaded with fiber too at over 4 grams per cup. They’ve also been studied fir their cancer fighting compounds. Make sure to include Brussels sprouts in your diet. Carrots include a healthy dose of beta carotene and fiber. My favorite snacks are carrots dipped in almond butter with a tiny bit of sea salt on top.

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