The Secret of Colloidal Silver

Gut Control

One reason to “take back our guts” is simple: something else may be controlling the environment and that ‘something’ is known as crAssphage–a new virus which is potentially lurking within three-quarters of people around the world. It turns out that these viruses can harm the biodiversity in our guts (we can try to reverse this by feeding the “good strains” and starving the “bad”).

crAssphage can be found mostly in Bacteroides, a strain of bacteria that has been implicated in metabolic conditions like obesity (whether the viromes have power over that as well is unknown, but they could play a part). Now, not only do you have a “microbiome”  but you have a “virome” to consider as well.

Future Research

Another sound reason to find balance within: the link between tumor progression and our digestive bacteria. According to a 2015 article published in Cancer Discovery the wrong type of strain can actually promote inflammation that hastens the growth of certain tumors. Researchers continue to examine the link between our immune system and microbiomes in hopes of understanding the complex realities of some of our most rampant and deadly conditions. 

Of course, our immune systems and bacteria interact and affect even “non-deadly” conditions like the whole spectrum of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (think Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis). These conditions, it turns out, could be linked to a deficiency of “good bacteria” in the gut. The lack of balance has allowed some strains to dominate and wreak havoc.

With this in mind, our 1st line of defense against invasive pathogens turns out to be our own bacteria. Dr. June Round. P.h.D and assistant professor of pathology at the University of Utah School of Medicine concluded that “there is a conversation between our immune system and our bacteria…the microbes can send signals that tell our immune system how to develop and in turn our immune system can shape what types of microbes live on our body.”

 Colloidal Silver: A Defensive Player

Colloidal Silver Health Benefits

Your best defense: eating well (and ancestral) and by possibly introducing supplements like colloidal silver to help quash any unwanted guests. In 2012 Georgian Medical News published a paper that found colloidal silver was an effective alternative treatment against acute intestinal infections caused by opportunistic microorganisms. Just a small dose decreased inflammation and morphological changes (damage) of the intestinal tissue.

Furthermore, according to the 2013 Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine silver has long been recognized as broad spectrum antimicrobial agent. The researchers found that several small doses of colloidal silver were able to inhibit the growth of a variety of bacteria–though it had only mixed results on fungi and no apparent effect on the viruses tested.

 These results were further corroborated in 2015 by research published in Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy. That study examined the intracellular synthesis (bacterial absorption) of silver nanoparticles. They concluded that colloidal silver “showed excellent bactericidal and bacteriostatic activity against pathogenic microorganisms”.

Of  course, as with any metal you have to be careful of your intake, using only for the short-term.  Your dose should also be based on your age and overall health–be sure to check the packaging. As a human in general, you don’t want to take a supplement that is any higher than 18% silver–that’s our maximum absorption rate.  Also be mindful of drug interactions.

I continue to seek new ways of helping clients cultivate the ideal microbiome and ecosystem within their guts, from informing them what to avoidcreating the Digestive Detox and Gut-Pacs system with Botanic Choice; and by advising on a foolproof way of “dieting” for a lifetime (print version coming soon!).

The Real Takeaway:

Gut optimization is serious business, and seriously important. Whole and one-ingredient foods as well as food based “supplements” are your #1 ally in creating and cultivating a balanced microbiome and a balanced, healthy you.

After all, in the battle for your health against todays Standard American Diet and the onslaught of metabolic disease we need all the help we can get.

 In good health,

Stella Metsovas