Coconut & Digestive Health: The Benefits of this Exotic Superfood

Coconut Have you ever considered adding coconut to your diet? Well this exotic superfood is full of both internal and external health benefits. Believe it or not the oil in coconut is mainly comprised of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), BUT before you steer-clear it is important to note that these fatty acids can actually help you lose weight in the long-run.

Although coconut oil contains saturated fat, the MCTs found in coconut are actually quite beneficial! They keep you feeling fuller longer and may aid in weight loss due to the lauric acid they contain. This acid is not only known to help boost the body’s immune system and fight harmful bacteria and viruses, but it has been shown to promote digestion, healthy functioning of the thyroid and enzyme systems, and also eliminate stress on the pancreas, ultimately leading to an increase in metabolism. And as if all these benefits aren’t enough…

There are benefits to consuming coconuts and digestive health.

Coconut has an abundance of external benefits that are worth a shot! For starters, coconut oil is excellent for the skin. Its moisturizing and hydrating capabilities make it a notable component in the battle against wrinkles and dry, aging skin. Coconut oil assists in the absorption of calcium, enabling the body to maintain strong bones and prevent tooth decay. And in terms of hair care, coconut oil is among the best nutrition for those luscious locks.  The oil in coconut promotes healthy growth for damaged hair by providing essential proteins required for that shiny texture we are all trying to achieve. So go do yourself a favor and give this tropical fruit a try, your body just might love you for it!