CNN Eatocracy: Confessions of a Thanksgiving alpha

CNNStella Metsovas, a California-based food science and nutrition expert, notes her dominant nature is ingredient-driven because of her line of work. It’s the heritage turkey and organic way, or the highway.  While her mom is still the master of making the yams, it is Metsovas who insists on driving to a nearby organic farm and purchasing the yams herself.  And if you aren’t her mother or mother-in-law, Metsovas says it’s an unspoken agreement that you’re not to bring anything at all. “Last year, someone did bring something and my mother put the dish way over to the side. It was not a dish that my mother wanted to present next to her dish or my dish. I guess the alpha-ness runs in the family,” she says.  “My first cousin knows not to bring anything here. She’s always bringing some sort of alcohol – wine, a mixer.”