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Detoxing: The new Code Word for Diet?

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The most long-standing media darling is the “diet”; defined colloquially as “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.”

From the fat-free crazes of the 90’s to the Atkin’s super sensation, ‘diets’ have been a household name forever. Now, the word “diet” seems  …

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Caffeine Health Benefits and Risks

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Here’s a nasty little secret you didn’t know about caffeine: If your adrenal glands–the part of your body that produces stress hormones like cortisol & adrenaline are on overdrive–you could be setting yourself up for hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic reactions (low/high blood sugar).

A brief explanation about caffeine metabolism:

Caffeine is metabolized in the …

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The Ultimate Four: Feed your Thin Bugs, Starve the Fat Producers

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Within each of us are trillions of microorganisms (bacteria), and they have our back (or rather our GI tracts!). However, the “thin bugs” that aid us in maintaining our waistlines can’t do it alone–they need our help. How can you support your microbial friends? By adding the ultimate four foods to your shopping list—they’re my …

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