Brenda Berg’s Story

Brenda BergWhen Brenda initially signed up, she wanted to drastically improve her health and be in the best shape of her life.  During our first appointment, Brenda shared that she felt something wasn’t quite right.  She was working out daily, dieting, and taking an array of vitamins, with no real improvements.  Brenda suffered from fatigue, inadequate sleep, and body aches that would wake her in the middle of the night.  She also had about 20 pounds to lose, with no success in her previous dietary interventions of restricting calories. ” I just want to be healthy and look good for my age; I want my energy back!” is what Brenda told me during the first appointment.   Brenda has not only reached her goal weight, she realized the power of the digestive tract and no longer looks to extreme dieting to bring long-lasting results. She enjoys a newfound way of how to eat and live without deprivation.