Breast Cancer Prevention Diet Plan

Breathe Magazine BY COLLEEN OAKLEY | 09/03/09

Just in: A recent study in Sweden suggests that women who consume foods with a high glycemic index (meaning that they spike your blood glucose and insulin levels), have a higher risk for breast cancer.

Foods rich in carbohydrates are likely to have a high-glycemic load, but that doesn’t mean you should rule out bread altogether… you just have to be choosy. “Select whole, unprocessed foods, like breads with 100 percent whole grains,” says Stella Metsovas, a certified nutritionist in Laguna Beach, California, “and make sure you’re always getting in some protein and monounsaturated fats with every snack and meal.” Researchers came up with a formula to calculate the glycemic load for each food, but Metsovas says there’s no need to worry about the math.  “An optimal dietary intake shouldn’t rely on numbers when selecting what foods are best to consume,” she says. Instead, she says, steer clear of obvious culprits like white pasta and bread, and stock up on fruits and vegetables for long-term health.

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Just Add EVOO.
Rachael Ray may be on to something. A new study published in BMC Cancer Journal found that compounds in extra virgin olive oil are known to kill certain types of breast cancer. In order to best utilize these cancer-fighting agents, don’t cook with EVOO, as heat can damage the active compounds. Instead, add it to recipes in room temperature form.