Are Carbohydrates to Blame for Poor Health?

With the new year in full swing, many of us are looking to start off on the right foot by eating better and exercising more. My Practice, W8less Nutrition, is very busy this time of year, but I always caution those who are looking for a quick fix or purchasing the latest fad diet book, my program doesn’t fit into that philosophy. Adopting a healthier regime is a timeless commitment in which your healthy eating habits last indefinitely.  As a clinician, I depend on diagnostic measures to ensure you are receiving the ultimate in personalized dietary prescription.

During the Holiday break, I found an article entitled “A Reversal on Carbs” in the Los Angeles Times to be especially fascinating.

Low Carbohydrate

This research seems alarming at first, since for the past 30 years Americans have been told to lower fat intake to lose weight. But the message to avoid fat has backfired, since we have turned to carbohydrates as the alternative. Carbohydrates, especially those with refined flour and sugar may be to blame for the rise in type 2 diabetes and heart disease. All carbohydrates are converted to sugar by the body and consuming them in large amounts creates spikes in blood sugar, damages the pancreas, and increases cravings for sweets.

The good news is if you reduce your carbohydrate intake before it’s too late you can limit the damage on the pancreas, lose weight, gain energy, and jump on the fast track to a healthier lifestyle. Substitute white breads, pastas and sugary snacks with lean proteins like fish, chicken, lamb, grass-fed beef or buffalo. Introduce carbohydrates with nutritional value like legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet instead.

Yours in Health,

Stella Metsovas B.S., CCN