About Stella Metsovas

Stella Metsovas, B.S., is a globally recognized clinical nutritionist and media health expert based in California. Stella is a specialist in Food Science and Human Nutrition, with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industries, and 10 years in private practice.

Born into a Greek-American household, Stella has a strong connection to the Mediterranean region.  Her most recent studies are geared to understand the correlation between epigenetic factors, food and lifestyle amongst rural villages in the southern Mediterranean.

Beyond her private practice, Stella is regularly called on as a media resource; featured as a diet and nutrition expert in People, Glamour, Shape, Redbook, New York Times, AOL, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Men’s Health, Business Insider, Fox News, CNN, Good Morning America, Comcast Group, Demand Media, eHow, and many others. Woman’s Day named Stella one of “America’s Ultimate Experts,” and her blog was recognized as “One of the Top 50 Blogs Every Dietitian Should Read.”

Stella’s most recent projects include: consulting with global partners as a brand and product expert, serves as a Keynote Health Speaker with Celebrity Talent International, traveled with a commodity group to Norway, and developed the Digestive Health Detox Kit for Botanic Choice—one of America’s oldest vitamin companies.

Stella Photographed In Olive Grove

Stella Photographed In Olive Grove


A former National USA Swimmer, Stella really began her career at age 13. Training under the top Olympic coaches and swimmers of the U.S. swim team, she competed at the Junior Olympic and National levels. However, after being diagnosed as severely anemic, her performance level quickly declined. Despite seeking medical attention, Stella’s anemia only continued to worsen – affecting her physiologically and psychologically. After a year of prescriptions for artificial hormones and numerous doctors’ evaluations, Stella’s mother sought other options. She was referred to a naturopathic physician who diagnosed Stella by evaluating specific markers in stool, blood and urine testing. Within one-month treatment by changing her diet, Stella felt remarkably better. Consequently, the decision to pursue a career in the biological sciences was inevitable.

During her first year at Chapman University, Stella took courses in Physiology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Food Science, and Nutrition. Stella realized that her true passion resided in the Nutritional Sciences. After graduating with a degree in Food Science, Stella opened her private practice in Corona Del Mar, California.

Stella Metsovas will publish her first book based upon her private practice, The Village Way™ which chronical her research and casework throughout longevity villages around the world.